Berango 2004
servicios Logísticos, S.L.

A variety of services designed for the best operation of your company.

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Berango offers a line of services related to product logistics. Learn more about our services and contact us to hire the necessary for your company.

Washing of tanks

Laundry to treat tanks and containers both with ADR, no ADR and also food containers.

Container storage

Meant for temporal storage and handling of both loaded and empty containers in transit.

Heating of material

Process by which the container is treated to a heat interchange so as to reach the optimal unloaded temperature.

Repair and inspection

Safe and effective technical services for ISO containers.

Water treatment

Treatment of waste generated in the washing and purification of industrial wastewater.”

Gestión de residuos

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About us

The most valuable resource of our company is our staff. Therefore, we must have adequately trained, motivated and involved collaborators.

Berango has a highly qualified team, formed almost from the beginning of the company. They work day by day, side by side creating a familiar and close environment with the client, without leaving aside their professionalism and efficiency with their responsabilities.

Complete attention to the driver

dinning room.

showers and
rest areas.

Photocopier, fax and internet.

Attention in French, English, Basque and Spanish.

Temporary parking and advice on routes.

Alarm connected to central and video surveillance.

Attention in French, English, Basque and Spanish.

”Fuel Truck” gas station, diesel and urea pumps.

Alarm connected to central and video surveillance.